Westfort Meat Products

Westfort is a Dutch family business that has specialised in pork processing for many generations. 

We purchase all our pigs directly from farmers in the Netherlands and process approximately 1.000 tonnes of pork a day in our new state-of-the-art production plants.

Over the past few years Westfort has developed into an innovative company, employing 1.400 people at four different locations (NL-3603-EG, NL-908-EG, NL-194-EG, NL-473-EG). 

In addition to our high standard quality, we offer a number of concepts with additional criteria; Sustainable Porc Chain, Antibiotic free Life Guarantee, Better Life Hallmark and Organic. These concepts will help you to stand out from the competition. 

From our new cold-storage and freezing warehouse we export our high-quality products all over the world. Proudly we present our wide range of meat products at Porkcatalog. 

Send your quotelist to our sales department and we’ll contact you shortly.

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